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I also have a degree in Ministry and offer Pastoral Counseling for individuals or families who want to address individual concerns or relationship issues in a faith based context. This may include parenting, marriage or other relationship issues. Sessions can be with an individual, with a spouse, partner or other family members.


In addition, a person might want to explore a deeper awareness of God’s presence in his or her life. In such cases I offer Spiritual Direction to help others become more attuned with their spirituality.


Pastoral Counseling is a form of counseling that integrates a person’s spiritual or faith tradition as a resource to aid the healing process.  Pastoral counselors see client’s from all faith traditions and do not impose personal religious beliefs on others.


Spiritual Direction:

Sometimes you may want to talk with someone about your spiritual journey. A person seeking Spiritual Direction wants to become more aware of and attuned to God’s presence in his or her life.  Spiritual Direction focuses on questions of a spiritual nature such as:

Where do you sense God’s presence in your life?

What are your deep longings?

What do you put your faith in?

Individual spiritual direction involves a private meeting with the Director and the Directee. It can take place in person, by telephone or skype. Sessions are usually scheduled monthly. The session begins in silent prayer as both Director and Directee  place themselves in the presence of God.

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