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Mediation Services


In my sessions I provide a safe environment for people to voice concerns and help resolve issues. Individuals and families deal with current issues, as well as past issues.  With the help of an experienced mediator  families can come together in a confidential setting to address a variety of concerns that are often avoided. Once the concerns are identified we develop strategies that enable the family to work together.


Mediation is a short term process of assisted negotiation that is designed to find collaborative solutions and help heal relationships. Mediators are trained professional neutrals who have no decision making power, but assist the parties in reaching their own agreement.


The goal of mediation is to find a resolution to a dispute in a manner that preserves the integrity of all parties. This is done by developing a process by which the parties can talk about his or her concerns in a safe environment. There can be several conversations prior to the joint mediation session in which each party (and his or her attorney if applicable) speaks privately with the mediator. This gives the parties an opportunity to speak freely about their concerns. These conversations may take place in person, over the phone or via Skype.

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